Who We are

YADEI is a research and solution based initiatives, we conduct lasting solution to democratic challenges confronting citizens and leadership at all level of democracy

What We do

We train citizens how to advocate for their basic democratic needs without the use of arms and ammunition against innocent lives and properties, investors, security agencies and the government. We are advocacy dialogue and security experts.

First in the history of our country Nigeria and Africa, We have researched and have come out with a decent and organized platform for citizens to accessed their basic democratic needs without struggled, oppression, intimidation and deception.

We promote affection between citizens and elected leaders at various level of our democracy for a prosperous, peaceful and coordinated environment for all and to ensure a purposeful leadership and government of the people by the people and for the people (Democracy).

Nigerian Citizens Good Government Initiative is not a political party. It is a non governmental organization open to all progressive citizens irrespective of background.

We are democratic doctors and solution advocates. We propagate medium for justification dividends of democracy, curb financial wastage and abuse of human, material and natural resource. Progress is our culture, therefore concerned citizens who are yearning for liberty, freedom from any oppression and gross state of underdevelopment are our target.

Join the solution team, together we can make it happen!